Ante-Natal Breast Feeding

There is a growing desire by women to control their fertility naturally rather than compromising their ability to successfully breastfeed through the use of chemical contraceptives.

With support from one of our qualified educators, nursing mothers can learn how to rely on Lactational Amenorrhoea Method (LAM) while they are still breast-feeding and to watch for the return of fertility when breast-feeding is augmented with solid foods.

You can use LAM immediately after childbirth when breastfeeding begins, until the introduction of supplementary foods when your baby is 4-6 months old or until commencement of any spotting or menstrual bleeding.  Your educator will show you how.

LAM is an efficient method of family planning, providing 98% protection against pregnancy provided that:

  • The mother is fully or almost fully breast-feeding both day and night
  • The baby is less than six months old
  • Menstruation has not returned

By learning this technique from an accredited teacher, mothers no longer have to make a choice between successfully breastfeeding her baby and effective fertility control.