Client Services

Through our client services we aim to:

  • Empower our clients to manage their fertility naturally
  • Help our clients to optimise the opportunity to achieve conception
  • Enable our clients make informed lifestyle choices without compromising their fertility goals
  • Offer caring and personal support for the entire fertility process
  • Promote and strengthen relationships through effective communication
  • Help clients to be alert to reproductive health problems
  • Offer scientifically proven, reliable and effective methods of fertility management

What makes us different?

Most women rely on medical advice when addressing fertility issues, which often involves the prescription of chemicals or the insertion of devices by health professionals.

Increasingly however, women are no longer content to negate their fertility through the ingestion of chemicals and are wanting to ‘take back’ control of their fertility with the ability to choose natural alternative methods whether it be for avoiding pregnancy, becoming pregnant, birth-spacing or addressing fertility health issues.  No other family planning method does all these things.  Women enjoy being empowered and in control of their fertility themselves. Like having regular pap smears, fertility awareness is part of being a responsible woman in today’s health conscious society.

Prior to learning natural fertility management techniques, our clients described feelings of ‘disconnection’ with their bodies and a ‘lack of control’ around their own fertility.  Whilst many were able to avoid pregnancy, they had no idea what was going on with their fertility or even if they were fertile at all!

We believe that knowledge is power and the more women, couples, health educators, young people and community groups we can educate about natural fertility management, the more women can make informed choices around their own bodies. If you know where you are at with your fertility you can make plans such as travel, establishing a home or study, with confidence.