Our Agencies

NFA believes all Australian women should have access to fertility education.

There are agencies across Australia staffed by approximately 200 trained and accredited educators who provide natural fertility education to empower couples to successfully regulate birth without chemicals or devices.  Programs are also available for health professionals and community groups. And our values-based sex education programs provide an holistic approach to equipping young people in responsible sexual behaviour.

All agencies have materials to meet the needs of Australians with special needs; whether linguistic, disabilities or distance.  In remote areas our natural fertility management educators make regular trips to outlying areas to provide services to outback groups to educate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, and people living in rural and remote communities.  It is all part of our commitment to improved healthcare for Australian women.

There have been increasing demand by consumers for natural alternatives in goods and services over recent decades. This is evident in healthcare, including family planning. Contemporary women think twice about ingesting chemicals to plan a family when they can be empowered to be in touch and control their fertility naturally.